KPO/BPO Services

Why Should you consider G7CR? The market today across the globe has grown to become more complex than ever before. Unlike olden days, businesses today have gone digital in all possible manners and seek exceptional support and communication means for their customers to meet the ever growing demands. Today, in the BPM segment customers not only demand exceptional and high-class operations but also give utmost importance to the transformation plans and techniques, for them to be able to be ahead of all its competitors.

It’s not just about the operational metrics and SLAs alone, it’s about end-to-end process metrics and value that you create for the business and towards its growth plans and their ROI.

✔   We are a highly passionate and skilled team in the BPM business vertical, and focuses towards understanding the changing need of customers.
✔   We take great pleasure to thrill our customers with an unmatched combination of operational excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities & skillset.
✔   We come with amazing operational excellence competency with rich experience in partnering with multiple well known industry giants who continue to be our clients over the years.
✔   Our industry expertise is based on our consistent, quality and successful service delivery for diverse industry verticals like healthcare, telecom, education, IT etc.
✔   We not just limit ourselves with the said needs of our clients, rather we willingly and delightfully invest towards innovating and developing solutions for our clients, to help them automate most of their manual or error prone processes for a greater ROI and productivity.
✔   Having a strong technical team with expertise in various technologies like Database, Business Intelligence, CRM, Cloud and various other software development languages, gives us an extra edge over all other competitors, to be able to find possible gaps and needs in the business, and invest in developing in-house solutions for our clients which surprizes and delights them to help us gain additional wow points!!

Our focus and goal is to assist our clients in achieving their business goals, and partner with them for improving our ways, ideas and techniques with every single passing day to attain a much superior business position.

G7CR firmly believes in the importance of training, learning and creating high benchmarks attained through determining, outstanding standards of calling. Training inputs are imparted to every employee of G7CR to maintain an enhanced performance levels and individual growth. Since learning and development is a continuous process, special attention is paid to the requirements of the employees in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude.

Below programs and workshops are mandatory for all the G7CR employees :

  • Tele Marketing Skills.
  • Listening Skills.
  • Telephonic Etiquette.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Communication and Team Effectiveness.
  • Team Building and Leadership Skills.
  • Time Management.
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    Not just one, but G7CR has a huge list of advantages, if have to be listed out. And of course, it's just not a co-incident to have a 100% client retention rate, right? So yes, our clients do see great value in partnering with us and in using our services. We do feel proud to boast about our excellence in business and at the same time, are excited to keep the learning on, and become better and better with time and technology advancements.

    ✔  Efficiency in Operations & Effectiveness in Results.
    ✔   Professional Contact Centre Operations.
    ✔  Technology edge.
    ✔   Efficient IMS team for desktop/server management.
    ✔  IVRS, Auto dialer, Auto Call Distributor, Call Recording.
    ✔  Integrated Phone / SMS / Email / Web Chat Services.
    ✔  In-house CRM.
    ✔  Superior Infrastructure to match MNCs.
    ✔  Effective Relationship Management.
    ✔  Continuous innovation.
    ✔  Flexibility and dynamism to accommodate needs.