The Story...

In 2012, G7CR was started by a single man with self believe, strong determination and a dream to succeed

In 2012, Formally known as G7 Techsolutions, which was a part of the G7 group, was handed over to a Dynamic BI Consultant for its future growth and direction. And from there, as it got it's name changed to G7CR Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., it never looked back! The base of the new life that was given to G7CR, being pure hardwork, hours of dedication, commitment and focus, it has a record of 100% client retention and more than 500% growth since then.

Our clients have immense trust & belief in our capabilities and they know that if anyone on earth can solve any hiccup that they are facing in business, G7CR will make sure that it is solved. G7CR has built a very strong team overtime, that is very well trained and equipped to put themselves in our customer’s shoe always and understand their wants and requirements very well, to be able to attain complete customer satisfaction and quality.


At G7CR, our mission is to create value for all our employees and customers and create a happy and successfull world for them. Our


✔ Embedding & empowering our resources with exceptionally high knowledge to meet customer expectations and creating high business


We are built on a strong pillar with core values defining our actions and describe how we behave in the world that we deal with.


We believe in lifetime customer retention and word-of-mouth marketing for our growth and success. G7CR has today, reached great success


Awarded as the "Fastest Growing Indian Company" excellence award for outstanding achievements at the 6th international