Christopher Richard

Managing Director & Chief Software Architect

In his journey of over 20 years, Chris has had an extensive experience of multiple business verticals and technologies. He started his career as a technology corporate trainer and soon with his unmeasurable passion towards technology and his unstoppable desire to make a difference in the corporate world, he became one of the most sought-after Business Intelligence trainer and a consultant. Apart from being a SQL Server database expert, he mastered many other Microsoft technologies and became one of the best in the market, way ahead his competitors.
Chris, stepped into business by founding CRBI Counsulting India Pvt. Ltd., which from 'zero' reached a turnover of over 15 crores within a span of 1.5 years. G7CR Technologies, is the second venture he stepped into as the Managing Director, once again with an intense desire to deliver 'one-of-its-kind' services to its client and to create great business value for its customers.

With G7CR, Christopher steers associations & businesses, and oversees all the aspects related to the entity including financial management, investor relations, corporate governance and developing strategies. A brand in himself, he comes with an extensive experience of over 20 years in the technology industry with specialization across Vendor platforms on Databases, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. He is actively engaged in providing solutions like Technology training, building POC's, conducting Architect workshops on SQL Server and implementing Business Intelligence systems for Microsoft partners and other corporate giants.

His passion and commitment towards his work is commendable. He is highly focused and dedicated towards his goals & responsibilities. He creates an unbreakable bond with his clients by giving them value beyond the SLA's and agreements. He believes that to grow and to succeed in life, you just don't deliver what you promise; that's something you will have to anyways do, to survive. Rather, you should put yourself in the client's shoes and fulfill their unsaid and unexpected requirements always, to help them excel in their business.
With this philosophy he never looked back since he started and always maintained 100% client retention and grew solely with the 'word of mouth' marketing without any branding or marketing team on-roll ever till date.

"Success is not doing the things you love, success is loving everything that you do" - Chris.