G7CR Cloud Advisory Services

G7CR consults, designs and implements cloud and has great expertise and experience to convert thoughts into action. G7CR helps businesses to visualize every single opportunity that cloud has to offer, we help you analyze your gaps, build your implementation guide, prioritize your application workloads to be hopped onto cloud, plan and model your cloud and assist in training and adaption for your organization. G7CR Cloud Advisory Services assists its clients to very effectively, adopt the cloud and actualize its benefits.

At G7CR, the team is highly trained and experienced in the cloud space. Our cloud computing method, procedure and practice takes advantage of specialized tools for evaluating current business portfolio and to assess business readiness for the cloud.
Our assessment and analyses procedure helps the business to form guidelines on various cloud features and benefits like virtualization benefits, integration and testing services to enable deployment in a cloud aggregated or hybrid model, migration to the cloud. During the business assessment G7CR examines and prioritizes applications based on factors like criticality, business needs, requirements and benefits, cloud migration risk analysis, cloud migration feasibility analysis etc.

We perform analysis to compare the costs of traditional on-premise deployment with cloud deployment. We identify workloads that are suitable for migration to the cloud and recommend the most suitable cloud model; private, public or hybrid and also develop a roadmap with detailed steps for execution.

G7CR's cloud assessment and advisory services ensures a highly structured approach to understand and explore the Cloud adoption outlines with respect to our client’s current business technology environment, assisting them to realize the true potential of Cloud adoption.

Our Cloud Advisory Services include:

  • Assessing the business and its applications readiness for Cloud migration
  • Defining and outlining Cloud implementation and adoption strategy
  • Analyzing and defining Financial impact, and cost optimization with cloud
  • Leveraging Cloud capabilities along with Mobility, Social and Security consulting enabling Digital business transformation.
  • Developing frameworks specific to the business domain and operational requirements.

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