G7CR Cloud Implementation Services

We at G7CR migrate, configure, integrate and administer your business applications; Our team delivers complete cloud deployment services including planning, testing, implementation and support.

G7CR has experienced and passionate teams that have hands-on experience in developing and migrating applications on leading cloud platforms. In addition to design and development, we provide a complete range of application testing and deployment, and on-going support services for applications migrated to the cloud.

G7CR has a vast experience in managing complex system integration projects for ensuring a smooth migration of the customer applications to the cloud.

The G7CR design and implementation service includes:

✔ Detailed design with documented impact on major areas of enterprise architecture: business, data, application and technology.
✔ An implementation plan with project management, including tasks, resources, duration and dependencies.
✔ Design specs for your hardware and software configuration.
✔ Development and testing of the cloud solution.
✔ Guidelines for operational best practices and governance.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Design and Implementation include:

✔Translate your business, technical and organizational requirements into a customized cloud design and project plan.
✔ Select enterprise hardware and software to create an open, affordable solution.
✔Successfully integrate new cloud solution into your current IT environment.

Services we offer

  • Building of Cloud DC or Private Cloud
  • Application development on Microsoft Azure
  • SaaS solutions for all major industry verticals
  • Cloud Integration services
  • Deployment and allied infrastructure services
  • Security & Testing services

  • Cloud expertise

    Cloud services

  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud implementation
  • Virtualization solutions
  • Cloud QA
  • Spend and performance optimization services
  • Cloud remote infrastructure management

  • Solution expertise

  • Vertical solutions: Media & Entertainment, Interactive Advertisements, Travel & Hospitality, Transportation & Logistics, Retail, E-commerce, Healthcare, IT, Education
  • Enterprise solutions: Big Data, BI & Data Warehousing, CRM, ECM
  • Platform expertise: Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud solutions, virtualization, high compute parallel processing, cloud storage, Web Scale SQL databases, identity solutions, integration technologies
  • Cloud cross-cutting concerns: Security, compliance, legal, integration, high availability, disaster recovery, vendor lock

  • Lifecycle accelerators

  • Solution accelerators
  • Pre-verified frameworks
  • Application frameworks
  • Labs as service: High compute lab, virtualization lab
  • Implementation and migration best practices
  • Specialized test strategies, test frameworks, and reusable test assets

  • Enterprise application infrastructure

  • Hadoop Massively Parallel Processing
  • SQL databases
  • Big data solutions
  • Application middleware
  • Cloud integrations

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • Virtualization: Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Private cloud: Microsoft System Center
  • Public cloud: Microsoft Azure

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