Vassanth Kumar S

General Manager - BPO Operations

One of the most energetic and dynamic personality that G7CR is proud to have in the team is Vassanth.
Vassanth joined G7CR in the year 2012 as a Team Leader - Operations. He handholds a big chunk of the BPO Division at G7CR very beautifully and artistically. Knowing that the sales, marketing and lead generation processes involves huge numbers to play with and immense mental pressure to handle, Vassanth manages all of these successfully along with managing client relationship & satisfaction, employee growth & attrition, Quality control & improvement, sales target and strategies etc.

Vassanth shows expertise in leading and delivering complex client engagement that help identify, design, and implement creative business solutions for the company. He provides excellent customer service and determines the needs of his clients. He also implements and oversees the quality of deliverable and manages team relationships very effectively ensuring exceptional performance at all times.

He is very well equipped with exceptional management skills, as well as participates in the development and presentation of proposals for business development. Apart from balancing the needs of the key stakeholders, he also always has ensured that the teams he is involved with are aware of the combined end goals, where he very skillfully establishes operations objectives and work plans, for a consistent and ever improving customer satisfaction, business growth & success.

The unmatched energy that Vassanth has always worked with, keeps the entire work environment highly energized and motivated, driving great amount of success, involvement and positivity.